How to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

The amount of energy we waste and its harmful effects on our environment is really a growing matter of concern. Nuclear power and fossil fuels are our major sources of energy. Here are some tips which can help you to make your business more energy efficient.

1.Energy-Efficient Lighting:

Use compact fluorescent lights for the purpose of overhead illumination and standing lamps in place of incandescent bulbs. These are the latest commercial lighting techniques which can reduce your energy by as much as 50 percent or even more. Standing lamps last ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Another strategy which you can use to make your business energy efficient can be by properly painting office buildings. Opt for lighter paints for your office walls. Light colors maximize the effect of your already existing lighting whereas dark color need extra power to reflect the same intensity of light. Furthermore, don’t use lighting while your business is closed.

2. Equipment of your office:

To make your business energy efficient you can use Energy Star, a program designed by the US Environmental Protection Agency to promote energy efficiency. Rather than keeping your computers on screensavers keep them on sleep mode. This can also help you to save energy.

3. Air conditioners and Heaters:

When it comes to temperature control, factories and offices need to be very compliant to energy. You can reduce as much as 10 percent of your fuel costs by using steam heat. You can also use a solar panel to power your offices.

So follow these steps and make your business energy efficient. By doing this you can also contribute towards Ireland’s initiative of contributing towards reducing the effects of global warming. Many Irish people have started implementing essential measures to make their business more energy efficient in Ireland.

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Making Your Home Based Business More Attractive

When joining a home based business I know how excited it is and how fired up you are to go around and pitch your business to everyone you encounter. I know this feeling because i have been there and done that. I know how heart breaking it is to be rejected over and over and it doesn’t help the fact that you are still new to the business. This is how a lot of new people get discouraged and end up quitting. There is a way to make your home based business more attractive without having to pitch it out to everyone you see.

People initially relate to other people and that is what they remember. If you go to some kind of event when asked what you remember you may be a little blurry about the actually content talked about but if there was someone who stood out I bet you would remember that person and what they had to say.

So remember that in order to make your home based business more attractive you must work on making yourself more attractive in the way you talk and in the way you handle yourself. It takes time and practice but eventually you will become more attractive in the eyes of others. A good first step is to work on yourself with something called personal development.

When you work on yourself and improve your all around thinking and approach as a default you attracted like minded people to you without having to pitch anything to them. By pitching your business you are actually doing the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish and driving those people away.

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Omar Negron is a 21 year old internet marketer who is student of attraction marketing and teaches hidden techniques on how to market your business on the internet.

Simplify Your Life and Make Your Business More Productive – 5 Systems Every Business Needs

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you oversee all aspects of your enterprise, often doing jobs performed by multiple individuals in much larger companies. Even when everything runs smoothly, this can lead to long days and a significant loss of income-producing hours. Put these five systems in place to simplify your life and make your business more productive.

1. Crisis management

You need to create written procedures for managing your enterprise in an emergency. If you are a solo entrepreneur, this would include everything someone else would need to know to carry on your business in your absence. If you have employees, this would provide the necessary details for completing crucial jobs. The plan would also give specific instructions concerning business disruptions. If you need work to continue as normal, you need a crisis management system.

2. Computer backup

If you use a computer, have a plan in place to back up your files regularly. How often you do this will be determined by your budget and by the amount of data you generate. If you use your computer infrequently, you may only need to do this weekly. If all of your order processing and fulfillment is computerized, you will need to safeguard these records more frequently. If you can’t afford to lose data, you need a computer backup system.

3. Customer follow-up

While you may not need a computer to do business, you do need customers. Even better, you want repeat customers. The best way to build a loyal following is to listen to your clients and provide great customer service. If you want to keep them coming back, you need a deliberate customer follow-up system.

4. Idea capturing

Your business probably started with one great thought. What if inspiration struck and you couldn’t remember your dream? Stay competitive by capturing and implementing great ideas. If you don’t want your business to stagnate, you need an idea capturing system.

5. Online presence content creation

Be systematic about creating content. Determine how frequently you want to publish articles, post to your blog, distribute your newsletter, contribute on social networking sites, and update your Web pages. If you want your ideal customers to find you on the Internet, you need to increase your online presence with a content creation system.

Create these five systems for your business now. By being proactive, you will have plans in place to deal with undesirable situations. The time and energy you invest today can save you time and aggravation in the future.

A crisis management system guards against prolonged business interruptions. Computer backup allows you to restore your files and records without extensive loss of information in the event of a computer crash. Planned customer follow-up cuts down on unhappy customers. Idea capturing decreases lost opportunities and time spent trying to remember. An online presence content creation system increases your visibility to prospects searching the Internet for your product or service. All of this will make your life simpler and your business hours more productive.